Impressioni di settembre

  1. skookumthesamoyed:


    I have no idea why I like this so much. #Inexplicable #Mysterious

    I am curious too! Someone early on took the caption off (sigh) so I wonder if people think Skookum is being boxed in, or if it’s clear that he positioned himself there to be close to us and he’s just happy sitting right on his dad’s feet as he cooks dinner. This post just took off, though, and I’d love to know why!


  2. skookumthesamoyed:

    Skooks in a blanket


  3. robertdejesus:

    Cat owner and cat.


  4. mukokuseki:


    Modern Day Slavery, photograph by Lisa Kristine

    The estimate that there are over 27 million people enslaved nowadays.

    shockingly good photos on a massively important issue


  5. vanityfair:

    Happy National Dog Day! 

    Photograph by Sam Jones. 



  7. exhibition-ism:

    Street artist Pejac transforms concrete walls into imaginative canvases 

    (Fonte: )


  8. Incapibile



    Libro incapibile. Ho abbandonato la lettura dopo poche decine di pagine. Sconsigliato a chi non è appassionato di questo genere. (paola)


    questo blog è in grado di mettermi addosso una tristezza infinita.

    ci credo, questo capisce solo i fumetti (forse)



  10. malephoto:

    Love Stories, Cuba | ph. Kobi Israel

    Ti piaci? Ma quanto ti piaci e soprattutto quanto piaci?

    (Fonte:, via attilioworld)